Friday, November 10, 2006

Something New - Conservative Minute

Time to weigh in on the election. Seems that the Minimum wage was a major initiative that won votes across party lines. It is proposed to increase the minimum wage to $7.xx? Well why stop there? Why not make the Minimum wage, $15.00 or $20.00, maybe $30 0r $40? That way the poor would be lifted from poverty, everyone will be happy, poor people would no longer live in America. Our standard of living would out pace the World regardless of circumstances. Big nasty self serving businesses would get what they deserve, right?

Sounds fair right? NO?

Thats because we earn what we deserve, no more no less, based on what the market will bare. It is the law of economics. A person serving burgers just doesn't deserve $25.00 an hour. The skills needed are not worth that high of a fee today. They truly are NOT rocket Scientists. The trade of a retail attendant or hamburger cook just doesn't require the same skills as a Nuclear Physicist.

Wages go up or down based on market conditions such as the number of available skilled employees, demand for product, and the price of product. All of these should not be based on artificial external controls by a government. It is truly the American way to trust in the market and free enterprise. Free markets will level out and determine the best wages for workers over the long term. Minimum wage is a short term election strategy, but realistically doesn't help anyone long term. Prices always rise to meet wages, which in turn slows the economy, locally and nationally.

The minimum wage should be abolished all together. It is not an uncaring attitude, rather a realistic one. Minimum wage bills should not be used to lure voters into thinking they will benefit somehow, when they really do not.

If you want more wages you don't raise the minimum wage. You should position yourself to be worth more, get more education, more specialized skills, go to geographic areas where your skills are needed, stay out of trouble, get a high school education, maybe continue to college. There are things each of us can do to improve our salaries, none of which require new laws.

It is ultimately up to the individual to decide the salary they want and need, not government.

That's your Conservative Minute.