Friday, January 18, 2008

Renown Idiot Randy Newman Attacks Bush at Apple Keynote - Open Letter to Apple

Renown idiot Randy Newman was on hand at the end of the Apple Keynote. He attacked our President. This is outrageous, and here is the letter I am mailing to Apple.

1 Infinite Loop

Cupertino, CA 95014

Dear Sirs;

I am a PC switcher, someone who has left the PC World for your "better" Apple products. At the last Keynote your company had on hand Randy Newman. This Bozo went on to attack our President. Like him or not, or his position, he should be given respect. I do not take kindly to personal attacks at a Keynote in which you should be sharing corporate news, not Liberal hate speech.

I expect an Apology from Steve Jobs for the boneheaded maneuver of catering to all the liberal high school teachers who believe that Bush caused 9-11 to happen, and even had a hand in planning it. Not to mention all the Global Warming idiots who insist SUVs are causing Global Warming, even though not one expert can nail down specific temperature rises over the last 5 years let alone 500 years.

To attack a President who beat his Liberal contenders, not only in 2000, against empty headed, debate losing Gore (as well as an empty headed member of your Board of Directors), but then to go onto beat John Kerry... Shows us that Bush must not be so dumb after all. Stop whining, and do your job, Jobs!

I expect Apple to continue focusing on computing products, versus politics. But if Steve Jobs ever wants to speak out again, he could always run for President himself, and show us how smart he really is.

Washed up Randy Newman could also run for office if he thinks he is better.

Will Wagner