Thursday, May 08, 2008

Dvorak, Correct Again, Green Tech about Making Money!

John C. Dvorak has hit it right on the head once again. The push for Green Technologies is driven by profits, not some utopian idea to "save" the planet. Thanks god for Capitalism, and the drive it gives Americans to outperform any country on the planet. If not for Capitalism, we would have a third world economy too.

One of the interesting ironies of solar power is that many of the major petroleum companies are the biggest investors in solar. They concluded that they are energy companies, not oil companies, and they are using their profits from oil to invest in solar. BP has one of the finest solar portfolios. In India one of the big oil companies, Reliance, looks to be headed into the semiconductor business for this reason. Hey, these guys have made some serious money over the past few years, so they can afford these investments.