Thursday, August 10, 2017

Monday, July 31, 2017

Star Trek Continues E09 "What Ships Are For"

Another fantastic episode, of the continuing voyages of the Starship Enterprise!  This production picks up where Classic Trek left off when it was cancelled in 1969.  In this episode, borders and letting good people come in, and keeping bad people out.  What a very relevant episode that discusses our own border issues of today.

The War on Cars

Billions are wasted on the War on Cars.  Cars = Freedom.  Be wary of any Government that wants to regulate cars our of your hands, or force you into vehicles that are not.  They wish to control.  Car production is a core economic anchor of America.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Why Can't Government FIX Healthcare? It is simple...

Government is a 3rd payer system, and the sooner that Healthcare is given back to the citizens under a 1st payer system, the better for all.  Prices go down, and quality will go up!

Sunday, July 09, 2017

America in Color: The 1920s

This is a great look back into History.  Black & White footage colorized for better enjoyment and more consumption by younger viewers.  Worth watching!  Some great original video and audio footage combined into something worth your time!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Democrats behind Russian based smear campaign on Trump, error ridden dossier, says NY Post.

The Senate Judiciary Committee earlier this month threatened to subpoena the firm, Fusion GPS, after it refused to answer questions and provide records to the panel identifying who financed the error-ridden dossier, which was circulated during the election and has sparked much of the Russia scandal now engulfing the White House.

Fusion GPS was on the payroll of an unidentified Democratic ally of Clinton when it hired a long-retired British spy to dig up dirt on Trump. In 2012, Democrats hired Fusion GPS to uncover dirt on GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. And in 2015, Democrat ally Planned Parenthood retained Fusion GPS to investigate pro-life activists protesting the abortion group.

Ford Mustang on a Dodge Ram frame, 4x4 Mustang!

What happens when you have enough money to ask fro a Mustang that can handle sand dunes?  You mate the car to a Dodge Ram frame with a Hemi!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

You LOVE Capitalism, here is why!

Prager U Guest speaker Jared Meyer nails this one, and gives us reasoning why we all LOVE Capitalism, but most of us didn't know it or know why.  Capitalism is the best when pitted against Socialism, Liberalism, and Communism.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

60s Batmobile Replica for only $250,000!

From CarBuzz:

This particular Batmobile has an interesting backstory that owners can either impress or bore their friends to death with. The first Batmobile, penned and created by Barris, was made from a Lincoln Futura concept. Four subsequent replicas were made for touring and promotion purposes. When Batman superfan, Jim Sermersheim, saw the Caped Crusader’s ride, he knew he had to have one. So he built a Batmobile copy using a 1958 Ford Thunderbird. So impressed was Barris with the amazing job Sermersheim had done, he bought and officially approved it as a genuine Barris Batmobile replica, joining the official fleet as #005 and touring the country with the others.