Friday, July 13, 2018


Watch this FANTASTIC artistic animation, using Batman as a metal lead singer, with his band mates.  Wow, what effort this must have taken, creative, humorous, and fun!

Saturday, July 07, 2018

The Amazing Life of Ulysses S. Grant

Wow, never learned these details in school, some but not all.  What a real role model for us to admire!

Friday, June 29, 2018

President Trump Delivers Remarks Celebrating the Six Month Anniversary o...

Wow, what a great tax cut, I had no idea there were so many victories in one plan!  Thanks to Fake News, you would never hear of this. Cool Memorabilia Each Month!

Take a look at, a kool monthly offer of a few Pro Wrestling T Shirts, and a load of other things which are sent to you each month.  If you order before July 8th, you get the HEELS crate...

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Former CBS Reporter Exposes Media Lies, Internet Shills & Astroturfing - MUST SEE!!!

Good to know, and good to understand the reasons behind the false propaganda..  It is all money driven, greed!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Climate Change Hoax, with Professor Willie Soon at Camp Constitution...

Fascinating details, on why Global Climate Change is being worked, and could be a Hoax.  This is a presentation of almost 50 minutes.  Well worth watching, and will provide a basic understanding of real science, and why C02 is the building block of life, not an evil gas.

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Control the Words, Control the Culture

Great video on word smithing, and how the Liberal Left uses this to great affect.  One of the main  reasons I no longer watch Liberal fake news shows, or participate in Liberal Facebook.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

The truth about engine stop start systems | Auto Expert John Cadogan | A...

One of the most glaring examples of this carmaker agenda self-serving design is the auto engine shutdown and restart system.
You drive along. Stop at a red light. The engine automatically shuts down. Light goes green, you start lifting off the brake, and the engine kicks back into life, as if by magic. We’re talking about that.
Systems like Mazda’s iStop - and seemingly 100 other proprietary names for similar bullshit technology. I get questions about this all the time.
So here it is: The truth about bullshit auto engine shutdown and restart systems.