Tuesday, July 31, 2007

This FALL - New Bionic Woman Series

I am very excited to bring this information to you. I was a huge fan of the Bionic Shows, The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman, as well as the later feature movies for TV. Seems that NBC has decided the time is right for a NEW Bionic Woman Series. I couldn't agree more.

Looks like this new Bionic Woman has Steve Austin's Bionic eye, both legs and the famous Bionic Ear. This Jamie is a bartender? What happened to school teacher? I am sure we will be treated to some great special effects. Hope they keep the old Bionic Sound effects.

Check out the Video Clips on the website, they have a cool intro to the site which you will enjoy.


Monday, July 30, 2007

John C. Dvorak uses an iMac, and Likes it!

Woa, this is BIG NEWS! John has been a big Mac basher for years, at least as long as I can recall. In his latest column he states that he has been using an iMac by choice and likes it. Take a gander into his review after just a few months.

ACER Says Vista Stinks!

You knew it was coming... a pundit slamming Vista, saying it was junk. But when the 4th major PC manufacturer says it is Junk.. Well you have to think on that one.

>> PS Boy were they right!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Install Vista on your Mac w/ Bootcamp

CNET has a timely 5 minute video online that shows us how to install Vista on our Mac. I know, as a Mac dude you hate this, but this is one of the biggest and most important bites that Apple can take from competitors as well as spread Mac hardware and get newbies starting to use Mac OS X.



Tuesday, July 17, 2007

MacLife Claims NEW iMacs in August

This is exciting, new iMacs MAY be released in August. Quoted below...

New iMac launch date set? Rumor has it that August 7 - give or take a few days - is the date on or around which Apple plans to unveil its new line of Intel-based iMacs. The new Macs are said to sport a thinner metal enclosure, a sleeker but more powerful keyboard, and Intel's Core 2 Extreme mobile processor. The same rumor mill is churning out another tidbit: That the new video iPods will also be released on the same date. ThinkSecret adds that the new version of iLife may also appear on or around this rumored launch date.

Top Bloggers Top Money Makers

Hi Gang, back from Vacation, and boy did I have fun! I will say that I didn't do near as many things from my Vacation Guide, that I wanted to.

Anyway, here is a cool article that proves Blogging can be profitable. No, I am not on this list! But it is very interesting that some individuals can make up to tens of thousands of dollars each month! Amazing!

Here is a list of the Top Bloggers - according to BusinessWeek - bringing in top bucks. With these links they are sure to finally top one million once you all exhibit click crazy.

michellemalkin.com and hotair.com

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Bush Commutes Libby Prison Sentence

Before you get all hyped up with a media frenzy, lets take a good look at Clinton's pardons and his written reasons for them. This is a Presidential exclusivity, one that is very important to the fabric of justice and our way of life. This power is proper and should be continued, even if administered by a so called unpopular President like George Bush.

iMac Sound Pop Software Bug Fixed!

After I installed the latest patch to Tiger OS X on my iMac, I started getting a pop sound after every sound initialization on my external speakers. Funny, but my internal speakers worked fine when I unplugged them. I though the speakers were going up, but figured I would wait to be sure. Well Apple just put out a fix for the annoying sound/noise, and thanks so much! My iMac has been such a smooth running computer, that when the pop sound appeared I was puzzled and disappointed. They didn't waste much time, and got this fixed in a few days (no doubt after complaints).

Use Software Update to get the latest patch or go here to read more (About Audio Update 2007-001).

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Weblinksnewsletter Summer Vacation Guide

With Summer around the corner, it is time to think of some fun for vacations. I have a list of things I wish to do, and if things are like last year, I won't do them all. Here is a list of favorite sites and places to visit in my area.

This place in Lancaster, PA, has a bunch of Caboose Motel rooms. Check out the history of the site and the images. This guy bought a bunch of relic Caboose cars as a dare, underbid the actual value and actually won the auction. Then he had to decide what to do with them. His idea, make a resort and Motel attraction out of them. It is very cool, and I hope to stay in one in a few weeks!


The Caboose Lodge sits right on the tracks of the historic Strasburg Railroad. You can ride an actual train from Lancaster to Paradise, PA. This is allot of fun, and kids love the trip. I have taken the train many times over the years and it is still loads of fun! Take the family for a day of train excitement, food on the train and just great fun.


Across the street from the Strasburg Railroad is the National Train Museum, where you can see many large trains from the last century. Great above ground steps where you can view the overall massive size of the inside train yard. Outside there are many under restoration, and remember to drop a few dollars in the bucket to help the cause. I really enjoy the museum, it is cool and comfortable too on a hot day.


Just down the street from all of this is the Choo Choo Barn. I remember going when I was a child, and it is almost like it was back then, but the sheer magnitude is amazing even today. A small house has a train layout to envy. It takes up the whole 1st floor, and you walk around the 4 foot high display watching all the movement and activities. The display goes from day to night, and the busy town is bustling. From a fire emergency with running water, to ice skaters on the pond, flying planes, baseball little league, you name it. You will surely miss something!


When you are ready for a real show checkout the Sight and Sound Theater. This attraction is a "Disney" scale production, with lifelike animals and critters, symphonic music, and singers, a real grand show. The current show is about Dinosaurs, a sure hit for the kids.


Head to Virginia and you get to head underground in Luray caverns. This is always a treat in the summer time. It is cool and spooky.


While near Luray you can do some camping and outdoor water park adventures in Shenandoah valley.


Shenandoah Caverns is also one of my favorites, which has a great cavern tour as well as the America on Parade exhibit (which are old floats from past parades as seen on TV). Last time I was there a storm had halted the elevator, se we got to take the very long stairway down. This was the old fashioned entry and exit point, and it felt very historic. This year the NEW Yellow Barn attraction is open, made with kids in mind!


Don't miss Skyline Drive for probably the most scenic drive you will ever recall in a lifetime.


Close by is Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's estate. Take a look back into the times and life of our founders, and see why they loved the countryside so much.


Closer to home, are the Baysox. This is a AA affiliate team for the Orioles, and what a great team and venue it is. There is of course baseball, but also rides for the smaller kids, and plenty of between innings activities and hijinks to keep you interested, even if you are not a true blue baseball fan. Go during one of the fireworks events (following the game) and you will be treated to fireworks that almost blow you out of your seat. This has to be the best venue for fireworks I have ever been to, considering the close proximity, the loud bang, and the large commercials colors and size of the fireworks themselves.


And for you Beach Combers, I didn't forget you! I personally love Rehoboth Beach. It has much to do, eat and see. Great fun for the family. The shops are very diverse, from t-shirts to toys and beach collectibles, Candy Kitchen treats ( http://www.candykitchens.com/ ), and other shopping. The beach is clean and the water is fantastic!


While in Rehoboth (or PA), don't forget to eat, and eating is good at Grotto Pizza.


Of course further down is Ocean City MD. This was a true teen hangout from what I recall from my graduation years. My favorite things to do back then was play Pac Man. But you should probably plan ahead and search through all the other more interesting activities, such as riding bikes, the tram, or walking the famed boardwalk, looking out at the water from the Inlet museum area, enjoying a ride or roller coaster, taking a ride through the spooky haunted house. maybe you will opt to just walk the beach.


For Adult entertainment we travel to Dover DE, to Dover Downs Casino. It is a clean organized and fun place to gamble and enjoy the luck of the spin. They have a vehicle in the center which you could possibly win. They really do give them away too. I recall once they had 20 identical red Pontiac cars lined up outside which were planned for giveaways a year or so back.


Midway slots has been renovated and they are placing an addition onto the main complex. The machines are modern and they have many smaller 1 cent and 5 cent machines. Though I prefer the high rollers myself. They also have live music!


If you love Casino Buffets, ala Vegas style, you will simply love the best one I have ever been in! Charlestown Races has probably the best tasting and most elaborate Buffet area I have seen, even when compared to Vegas buffets. It is HUGE, spacious, the people are courteous, and the food is gourmet style. You must take a day trip out to Charlestown! Be a player!


Whatever you choose to do this Summer Vacation, enjoy yourself, family, friends and food. And have a safe and happy 4th of July!