Saturday, April 29, 2006

Leather Clad Laptop in UK

Get ready for a new battle of features, looks and leather? Thats right, Asus will be selling a Leather clad laptop beginning next month in the UK. I wonder if they have any plans for any other skins or colors for their laptops. I also wonder if this will make it to the US, where style has not always been a priority. But lets hope it does!

Posted at Real Tech News

Hungary Bans Bio Diesel

From the Lockergnome Newsletter! Seems that in Hungary, they have banned Bio Diesel, which is made from cooking oil. Possibly because there are no state taxes involved padded in the price!

Gabor Kovacs: In Hungary, we already have a law PROHIBITING biodiesel! Smart guys discovered about a year ago that common household corn oil (used for frying food) is as good as diesel oil - but costs about 10% less! This is because in diesel fuel, there are a lot of state taxes, higher VAT, etc. - while household cooking oil has a "normal" price. There is no difference, except only the smell (which is better than diesel). So, because the state lost a lot of revenue, a law was introduced prohibiting corn oil. The police started sniffing around diesel cars (literally). But, many people were interviewed at that time and 99% said that their car (any car) ran better on corn oil than diesel! Funny, isn't it? Instead of promoting it, the state prohibits biodiesel - otherwise they can't fill their pockets.

See the article here!

Support The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

The Rush Limbaugh show has available a site to help kids with Leukemia & Lymphoma, any amount will help!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Chris Pirillo, 1st YouTube Movie, Hilarious!

Chris from the Lockergnome site did a very funny video on You Tube. Impromptu and imaginative. Need a laugh? Check it out!

Marines Rap CD from Iraq Front Lines!

Walmart is selling (along with many other sites and locations) a music rap CD in which the Marines and Service Men and women are the artists. This product is being put together by the people protecting America in wartime. They want to make sure the real word gets out as to what is happening. As you might expect, it has no similarity to what the Liberal Media is saying. Go buy one at Walmart today to support the troops!

Michelle Malkin Video Blog "The Vent"

Michelle Malkin has started a Video Blog called Hot Air. Michelle is a Conservative Journalist and Author, and one who has written some poignant views and honest commentary on just what is happening inside the DC beltway today. The Video Blog is well done and enjoyable, and I am sure will only get better with practice. Comedic slant highlights this Blog.

Michelle says, "I began Hot Air in part to bring more balance to the videoblogging world. But also because it's the next logical step in the information revolution."

Her Regular Blog is excellent too.

Way to go!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Leaving For Work Later Saves Money & Time

Those who know me, also know I prefer late hours at work. Imagine my surprise when this site offered statistic evidence that leaving later saves time and money! Just one more reason to work the late shift! If you take a scroll down on the article, notice the wealth of statistic and measures used. I would love to see someone take the time to prove otherwise. Take my word for it, IT CAN"T BE DONE!. ;-)

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Tour Microsoft's Mac Lab!

This is very interesting, this person takes you for a tour of the Mac Lab over at Microsoft. Seems they don't do anything in a small way. The images illustrate that they are serious on supporting and working with Macs, as well as the sheer scale of the thing.

Must be the GEEK in me, but I love Computer Labs like this! I used to work in one years ago, and loved it. This is a dream!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Mac 101: Your guide to using a Mac effectively and efficiently.

Very nice site from Apple! It basically goes through the various things a new Mac owner needs to know, or a prospective Mac owner. Even if you have been a Mac owner for some time, I think the information here may be of value to everyone.

Mac 101: Your guide to using a Mac effectively and efficiently.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Global Warming Has Ended!

According to this scientist, Global Warming Ended in 1998 (based on actual measurements). This UK article outlines details as to why this is true, and why many have decided to ignore the facts!

Where Does Your State Rank In Taxes?

Take a look at the list, and see where your state ranks! I noted that the large and most "better off: states take alot of taxes from the contributing members. Check out the List!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

"Run Windows XP On Your Mac" says Apple?

With all the PRESS about those hackers attempting to run Windows XP on their Macs, it was a huge surprise for me to hear this news! Apple has released and will officially endorse running Windows XP on the Mac. I am not surprised that Apple allows this, but was shocked to see that they actually endorse and are aiding in this endeavor. Apple does it again with a brilliant campaign to extend the Mac into more homes with the promise of Dual Boot between OS X (which is already a fine OS) and Windows XP (which is the Industry Standard OS). Time to get an Intel iMac!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Robert X, Cringely Says Microsoft Is Going Down

Robert has a very interesting article online. He believes that the last Anti-Trust Lawsuit member, from Iowa, will take a huge chunk out of Microsoft. "What do you do when your wealth is immense but completely tied to people whom you inherently do not trust? If you are Paul Allen you watch your tongue and spend eight years getting out from under that burden." He thinks Paul has done the right thing, by diversifying his portfolio. This could save Paul from financial ruin when Microsoft faces this final anti-trust suit. This could be very interesting!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Simpsons TV Show Movie in Works July 2007

Fox has confirmed to the BBC that they are working on a Movie version of the Very Popular Simpsons TV Show. To be released July 2007, the Simpsons is in its 17th season, the longest running prime time entertainment series!

See Simpsons at Fox

Saturday, April 01, 2006

South Park - Bye Bye Chef

Apparently Isaac Hayes bailed from South Park, and they did a tribute show (so to speak). It was very funny, and NOW I know why it even happened. Read more!