Tuesday, September 19, 2017

New Research shows Global Warming a HOAX!

 Link to Rush Limbaugh Site

From Rush Limbaugh.com, links to actual articles and scientific studies which show the models used to forecast Global Warming are incorrect.
The arctic ice caps are not melting, they’re getting bigger. There’s more ice. Expeditions to the North and South Pole to investigate global warming are resulting in the expeditions getting caught in ice they didn’t think was there and having to be rescued. The planet is not warming, according to the model predictions. And, by the way, they even say this. They say the problem is in the models. The models are not correct.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Bobby Heenan passes away at 73

One of my favorite personalities, and favorite celebrity idols, Bobby Heenan, has passed away.  What a true loss to Comedy, Pro Wrestling, and to me.  I have been watching some of his videos on YouTube, and have come to realize he is brilliant.  What a true role model on how to work, and what true wit provides in ones life.  He was so much wiser than we give him credit.