Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rush Limbaugh, American Hero, Officially Responds to Media on Rams Purchase

Take a read, see for yourself what Limbaugh is all about, while you still can. See what racial harmony should mean, and what a strong spirited Conservative has to say about it!

Wall Street Journal Online

Monday, October 05, 2009

Time for a Class Action Lawsuit Against Apple

Apple has done it again! They have decided to force their latest Safari browser, coupled with iTunes 9, on each of us. This is purely an anti-competitive practice. I wonder if anyone would like to represent me? The facts: I don't want to use Safari 4, it is bloated, and Safari 3 is my preferred browser of choice. To order in iTunes, a message pops up I have to upgrade my iTunes. I do so, then when I try to use it, it insists that I also have to upgrade my Safari browser. I would like to know if anyone who has removed Safari, has iTunes forcing them to load and use Safari. I recall many legions of folks attacking Microsoft about tying their browser to simple OS functions, like file browsing. Governments across the globe sued, and fined Microsoft. I am waiting for Apple to receive the same courtesy. They have no right to force me into a browser I don't want to use. Matter of fact, I removed iTunes and loaded my older version. I then re-imported my modified music library. I refuse to upgrade based on forced strong arm tactics. I guess I just don't like to be TOLD what to do! What about you?