Thursday, March 29, 2007

Circuit City FIRES Their BEST?

Yet another bean counter in charge, FIRED the top 8% earners in Circuit City's sales force. They plan to hire lower waged people in their place, and will hire the original workers back if they want to come back at low wages, but after 10 weeks have passed. Now, I ain't no brain surgeon (thank heaven) but would you want to fire those who actually bring in the most money for your company? Yes of course, fire the workers, hire homeless people who won't even be able to speak so management doesn't have any trouble makers to deal with.

Truth of the matter is that any boneheads who are going to FIRE their best and brightest deserve to fail! Bye bye Circuit City.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Home Made Lost In Space Robot

I just about stumbled onto this link of a guy who is going (or has gone) through the steps of making his own B9 Lost In Space Robot. He has some great step by step pictures, and what a nice job! This is one of those things that harkens one back to being a kid. It would be so much fun to have a B9 Robot standing next to me barking TV voices from the actual show. "Danger, Danger". Do check out this link, and if you decide to build one, I want pictures!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Final Word on Global Warming Bunk

My friends, this is my final word on just why Global Warming being caused by human activity is BUNK! I really insist you watch this serious UK documentary, no Michael Moore piece meal junk.

It is about an hour long.

Click here to goto Google Video to View it!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Vista? Did you do it?

  It has been several week now and the initial buzz about Microsoft Vista has all but diminished to a respectable hum. Many of the upgrade-itis users who adopted Vista quickly, had issues galore! From bugs to wholesale destruction of their data, Vista has proven to be much more than a simple version upgrade. Matter of fact, Vista was a wholesale shift in Microsoft strategy on the desktop.

  One issue I have had with Microsoft in the past, is how they institute feature creep. For each version they add ever more complex tricks and features, which doesn't really enhance the duties of an Operating system. Many are nice to have, but an Operating system is supposed to allow you to run your applications on a computer. Thats about it. But todays OS upgrades have to promise the kitchen sink, and eye candy to boot. The OS has become an application in, and of itself. It is no wonder so many bugs inhabited the final released Vista product. and make no mistake, they were under pressure to get it out the door. They have been touting its enhanced abilities for 2 years now. It was time to produce something tangible.

  Microsoft's shift is in the way they handle your data. It is no secret that Windows, since XP, has been ever more tied to the Internet. But an Internet OS is not necessarily a good thing. Especially when you have under the hood a decade old NT kernel architecture that is susceptible to worms, trojans and viruses if proper code is not placed in exactly the right areas. Yeah, they made some adjustments, but is it enough. Internet Explorer alone is one of the worst offenders at how it handles intrusions from unknown systems trying to hack and connect into your computer.

  Now all Operating systems are fair game when connected to the Internet, but it just seems Windows, any flavor, is a honey pot waiting for Pooh Bear.

  Pricing... Is it me or is Vista really expensive? Considering many of us may have several computers, why not just site license one copy to consumers? How about the different versions to add to the confusion. Why? I just feel like when I buy the cheaper version I am getting something crippled. I don't like that.

  Since moving to the Mac OS X over a year or more ago, I have had the pleasure of no such problems. OS X had a few bugs too now, but nothing in comparison to Windows. The upgrade process is easy too, very simple, no tiers or special requirements. Just, if you need an upgrade, it lets you get it. Simple, not tied to a browser, and not difficult to use. That is par the course for Apple's champion OS X.

  So my question. Did you do it? Did you upgrade to Vista? None of my close friends have even been talking about it. This is really a non event in my tech circle. Matter of fact, some friends I have been out of contact with for a while have followed suit, and gone Mac.

  Apple has a HUGE opportunity right now, to take the thunder from Microsoft and deliver a top of the line upgrade to OS X, one that will knock our socks off. All of the add ons to OS X are applications, not tightly intertwined libraries or bundled applications. I could remove iTunes if I wanted to. Or get rid of Safari if I cared to. On Windows, I am stuck with Internet Explorer, wether I use it or not.

  Microsoft will have to modernize their Operating System next time, to break it down into smaller chunks so that upgrades are easier, and the cost is lower. if they don't Apple could run away being the leading technology and software company of the next decade. They seem on track, while many of Microsoft's ventures start up to fanfare, and get cancelled or hobbled, months later. The Mac OS X is simply made up of applications, not mirrors and wires.

  Microsoft OneCare is a prime example, they ask you to subscribe to virus support, when the app itself is not debugged and deletes data along with the viruses. Alot of data! How can we expect the OS to function as it should.

  Now may be the best time to Go Mac, especially since it runs Windows and Mac OS X. Buy the hardware for the aesthetics, and get the functionality and flexibility of both platforms! Now thats an upgrade!

Happy St Patrick's Day - Green Gadgets

How about some real green! These green gadgets from PC Magazine are their top 10 green gadgets for St. Patricks Day. Not the Environmental green, but the one that counts, color green. Blarney is NOT spoken here!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Microsoft Spying on YOU!

Thats right, after years of denial, Microsoft finally decided to come clean, and has stated that Windows XP talks to the mother ship every single time it boots up! Scary! Angry? If you have Service Pack 2, and who doesn't, your Windows XP software is sending personal identifiable information back home to Redmond. Take a look at this page directly from Microsoft!

Read the entry stating "What information is collected from my computer?" near the bottom.

Rush Limbaugh for President in 2008!

On the Rush Limbaugh Radio Show, his listeners have been asking him to do more for the Conservative movement. I dropped him a letter, and asked him to run for President. Only Rush Limbaugh can get America back on a Conservative track. He is the ONLY man that can fill the leadership void in the Conservative movement, and follow in the footsteps of the likes of Ronald Reagan. It is time to knock down the Liberals where they stand and openly lie and attack American values, time to push back the hoards of those who want to take away your freedoms and your money in taxes. It is time for a true outsider and TRUE change.

Rush Limbaugh for President!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Fruit Cake Lady Tribute

Time for a laugh, if you have ever seen the Fruit Cake Lady from Jay Leno's Tonight show, this is the ultimate tribute. Some great no holds barred comedy action!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Vista NOT Good Enough for Pirillo

Chris Pirillo explains why Vista is a no go for him. He goes in depth as to why he backed out of Vista, even though he likes it, he can not get specific work done.

Mars Polar Caps Melting too!

I posted this here almost 6-12 months ago. Yes, the truth of the matter is that the SUN is causing Global Warming, on Mars! It would reason that SUVs don't exist on Mars, so the cause can not be blamed on automobiles. Likewise, Earth's global warming is also caused by the Sun!

Read more from National Geographic, a name you can trust!