Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Macs No Longer Beginner Friendly

This Extreme Tech article says it all, Macs may no longer be beginner user friendly. They may no longer be the envy of personal computer users, and they may no longer be the unattainable pie in the sky. Thankfully we can all keep Snow Leopard until Apple changes this error. Or we can load Windows on the PC based Macs and shrug off this fanciful test down the Apple road.

Happy 30th Birthday DOS

Happy 30th Birthday to Dos, the OS (if you can call it that, ok I guess we will) that I learned how to program on, and which gave me a hobby that turned into a career. Thanks DOS, IBM and Microsoft.

Another Anti Mac OSX Lion Article - How To Make Lion More Like Snow Leopard

I am actually shocked, many articles and blog posts are cropping up about how to make Mac OSX LION v10.7 look and act more like Snow Leopard v10.6. I wonder how many people are disappointed with their $30 investment, just to allow Apple to make money and get the OS right by trial and error in a few service packs from now. I changed from a PC to the Mac over 4 years ago. I was and still am a Windows PC System Admin. My experience on the Mac has mostly been positive, and to this point I think a great decision. It seems to be motivated by profit, instead of the noble reasons of making things better for us all. However, during these times when Apple decides it wants to force interface changes or OS changes that really shake the basic core foundation of what computing is all about, I question the decision. I like the Mac OSX because it is based on a very strong underlying UNIX operating system, with normally clean multitasking, and robust well designed applications. I also really enjoy the normal PC mouse and interface, with Windows, that I control, versus Apple controlling them for me. I guess I just like freedom. The Mac has provided me freedom from political decisions in the computer world for 4 years. But LION is a purely political OS decision that strives to force us into an upgrade box that is controlled by the mother ship. I don't like that. I guess I should have expected that from a corporation run by Liberals, which wants to tell it's customers what is best, instead of having the customers tell the company. I can cite many recent decisions in the last year that seem to ignore what we want. Many will say that LION is the future. Maybe on a cell phone or MP3 player, but not on my desktop. I choose to think for myself, and use what I want, when I want to use it. You should also use what you want, and not be forced into upgrades for eye candy sakes. I wonder what will happen when the iPod and iPhone die off, as all things eventually do, and Apple will have to succumb to what the customers want once again. But will the customers care? Microsoft has a HUGE opportunity right now to finish off the Mac. Lets see if they take advantage of this bungle by Jobs.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mac OSX Lion is slower than Snow Leopard

If Microsoft were to unleash a slower operating system on the masses, even if for a measly $30, there would be class action lawsuits. But the mesmerized youth who have been sold by slick marketing and cheap price tags, insist on spending money for slow software, and then attempt to disable features they don't want, that if left at the Snow Leopard version, would be $30 cheaper, and basically be the same operating system feature wise. I don't mind people upgrading for a reason, but this upgrade for the sake of giving Apple more money in their slush fund doesn't make sense to me. Take a look at the comparison, Snow Leopard wins in all but one comparison for speed.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Beavis and Butthead Returns October 2011

In a hailed fanfare of support (from me at least) it was announced that Beavis and Butthead will return to MTV in October. Read on for the scoop!

Mac OSX Lion Review

Wow, this is a great review of the new Mac OSX Lion Operating System. The author, John Siracusa, knows his stuff, and provides you an in depth look at new features and highly technical details about how the OS operates, the file structure, and more. Not just another internet fluff piece or fanboy post. This is a must see for any technical expert, Mac fan, or person interested in Macs at all. Matter of fact, even if you are a PC user, this will lend insight into the Mac world. I love the questions posed for this $30 upgrade! I myself don't really want my Mac to be an iPhone, and my question is, if you can turn off all the IOS functions, why get it at all? You decide!

Monday, July 11, 2011


This YouTube video demonstrates a totally new printing system, that can print whole 3D parts. This idea could revolutionize the way we look at parts and objects, and could allow us to create unknown future devices that were once very difficult to master and fabricate. Check out this Video from Z Corporation. Groundbreaking!

Zcorp 3D Printer 650