Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mac OS X Upgrade Leopard - Maybe, But NOT Now.

Hi gang, I have been mulling over the new Mac OS X Upgrade called Leopard from Apple. Sure, it is feature packed, and many of the items are fancy eye candy, and fancy fun applications. Take a look at the very cool Chat program that comes with it, in which you can use any "Weather man" effect and place a scene behind you while chatting. Only thing is that I have been unable to video chat anyone since I went to the mac. It just doesn't work for me. How about the new Finder Bar, has reflective shadows, ohh ahh. I actually like the changes in mail, with the ability to track and enter sticky notes and calendar reminders from mail. But it is not that hard to simply open iCal and enter an appointment. TimeMachine is their cool backup utility, but I already backup my data to an external drive. I just copy what I need, simple! "Spaces" is their multi desktop virtual server, so you can have 4 or many more desktops. Cool, but I never really liked multiple desktops. They are hard to keep track of for me. I can just shrink work and expand what I want in the same window, it is easier. Pound for pound every cool feature is something I really don't need. But here is the kicker! No where did Apple claim that Mac OS X Leopard is gonna run faster. For those of us with slower Macs, even those of you with G5 and G4 Macs, the obvious answer has to be a Big NO! I am sure Leopard will be kool, but unless it makes my computer faster, I don't want any part of it. If you have an old Mac, you may be better off buying a new one with the new OS pre-loaded. I don't like the new iMac as much as my current one. So sadly this user fell off the upgrade train on this one.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Rush Limbaugh Announces eBay Charity Auction

Complete Idiot Harry Reid, and 40 other buffoons from Congress actually signed a letter addressed to Clear Channel Radio, asking for censure of Rush Limbaugh. The Federal Government has NO authority to apply censorship to private citizens for speaking out in a political manner. This is real red Socialism going on, and you bare witness to a sad thing in America. However, Rush always wanting to do something positive for troops and their families, has placed this letter on eBay for auction. The proceeds from this charity fund raiser will goto the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, who provides college for kids who have lost their parents in Iraq.

Take a look at the actual letter and see which Congressional Idiots want to be censorship hounds.

Friday, October 12, 2007

See the Inside of the Intel iMac

This is a pretty cool site. Basically this person has looked into a bunch of Apple products, iMacs, Powerbooks, ibooks, etc. This is a view of the iMac computer, taken apart, that not many of us experience, due to the fancy way the cases are fastened together, and also due to the fact many times the computers don't have upgradable parts or pieces that we can swap easily. That doesn't stop Kodawarisan though. Yup Kodawarisan is japanese for Kodawarisan, what else did ya think his handle meant, "great computer disassembler"?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

American Leftists Attack Talk Radio

Dr. Walter Williams has an Op-Ed that is a must read for those interested in private property, rule of law and limited government. This editorial comes from a truly brilliant man, with high credentials, a professor of economics at George Mason University, and interested in founding principles of this nation. Oh and he is a BLACK Conservative. Ya gotta love that! The LIBS hate it.

See the Article.

11 Lies in Al Gore's Movie "Inconvenient Truth"

Leave it to the Doctor of Democracy to bring this story from the dark corners of the Media cover up machine. A British Judge has ordered that if schools show this fantasy movie to students, it must cite the truth on 11 major points of the movie. Woa, so the movie is misleading, what a surprise!

See a link to the info from Rush Limbaugh's Page.

Carter Calls Cheney a Disaster?

No way, former President Carter actually had the gall to call VP Cheney a Disaster? One of the worst presidents of the 20th century, and a failure himself, in economic, defense, and policies... Now thats calling the kettle black, what a guy! Carter is responsible for Iran and the troubles it is causing today!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My New iMac Keyboard Replacement

I recently had to purchase a new keyboard for my iMac. The keys were getting sticky, and were less responsive. I type alot on the keyboard, and expect a fluid soft touch that reacts to the touch. My new keyboard is exactly like the old one, but works better. I have had the keyboard for over a year, so warranty was out, of course. But I have had keyboards from cheap PC manufacturers last for 3-4 years. Not a huge big deal, but I would expect it to last a bit longer since Apple hardware comes at a premium price. Of course, maybe I just over work the keys. I don't have a very soft touch, but don't bang on it either.
Anyway, at least I was able to get one of the older style keyboards, that match my iMac, I really dislike the new aluminum cased flat keyboard.

WSJ: O'Malley an idiot!

From the Wall Street Journal!

Subject: FW: Wall Street Journal O'Malley, who will admit to voting for this idiot???

Tax 'Fairness' in Action
October 1, 2007; Page A22

Every state has its problems, but we're especially glad this month that we don't live in Maryland , where Governor Martin O'Malley has been undertaking something close to a tax-increase-a-day tour.

In Ellicott City he proposed raising the sales tax to a rate of 6% from a nickel. The next day in suburban Baltimore he unveiled his plan to raise the top income tax rate to 6.5% from 4.75%. Last Wednesday in Landover he called for a doubling of the cigarette tax to $2 a pack. He has also endorsed a one percentage point hike in the state corporate income tax to 8%, new commercial real estate taxes, and a 12 cent hike in the gasoline tax to 35.5 cents a gallon. The Tax Foundation says Maryland already has the 23rd highest tax burden among the 50 states, but the Governor seems to be aiming for the top 10.

In all, Mr. O'Malley hopes to wrench $2 billion a year from Maryland workers -- in the name of filling a $1.5 billion gap in the state's $30 billion budget. The extra $500 million will finance new spending. "This is the biggest tax increase in Maryland history, by far," says Christopher Summers, president of the Maryland Public Policy Institute. But like a dentist with a drill in his hand, Mr. O'Malley says this won't hurt a bit. He claims his "reforms" will reduce the tax burden on 95% of state taxpayers, thanks to a lower tax rate on incomes below $15,000 and some tax credits. But of course everyone will pay the higher sales tax, unless they decide to shop in neighboring Delaware , which has no sales levy.

Mr. O'Malley's income tax plan is consistent with the Democratic Party's nationwide revival of its New Deal theme of the tax code as a tool for income redistribution. While nations over the globe move to flatter, simpler, pro-growth tax systems, the Governor is selling his proposal as a pain-free whack at the rich.

Trouble is, there aren't enough truly rich to finance his spending goals, so his real target is the not-so-upper middle class. His two new tax brackets of 6% and 6.5% will kick in at incomes of $200,000 and $500,000, respectively, for couples. We doubt many families in suburbs like Bethesda or Towson think an income of $200,000 makes them "rich."

The Governor also fails to mention that about two-thirds of the people he wants to hammer are small business owners -- the major employers in the state. He might acquaint himself with a new study by Barry Poulson of the University of Colorado which finds that states with either no income tax, or low flat-rate structures, have significantly higher income growth rates than states with steeply progressive tax rates.

It's a testament to Maryland 's spendthrift ways that Mr. O'Malley is doing this in the sixth year of a national economic expansion. Most states have budget surpluses, and two years ago under Republican Governor Robert Ehrlich even Annapolis was $1 billion in the black. But state spending has since exploded by nearly 18%, according to figures from the Maryland Taxpayers Association. Maryland spends $11,000 per student in the public schools, and $13,000 in the woeful Baltimore
school district. In five years the legislature has fattened school budgets by 59%, yet Mr. O'Malley and the education lobby are claiming poverty if taxes aren't raised.

Mr. O'Malley's fellow Democrats dominate the Legislature, so there isn't much doubt most of this will pass. The losers will be Maryland citizens, unless they move to another state, which we'd guess some of them will.

I voted for Ehrlich, I voted for a sound budget and less taxes, MD gets what it deserves!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Re: Bionic Woman Premiere Stunk!

“Bionic Woman” fell 30 percent during its second episode to a 4.0. No surprise here.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

21 Foot Long X-Wing can FLY!

From the department of "Too Much Time/Money on your Hands" this admittedly cool X-Wing, which is life size, is awe inspiring when you just look at it. But factor in the idea that they say it can really fly, and we find yet again Science Fiction is way ahead of reality! Check out the images and the article here at Gizmodo.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

New iMac NOT all that Stellar!

I converted from PC to Mac several years ago. Used to be a System Admin working IT in government. I decided to convert based on a challenge by a pal. 30 days later I was hooked. But this new iMac, the shiny silver unit with a black border, seems less polished (even though the aluminum allows for more actual polishing). The keyboard left me shaking my head. The flat keys are not comfortable, and the letters were not placed in the same place on each key. Unlike my current keyboard, where the letters are placed on the lower left corner of each key. They seemed to attempt to center the letter on each key, but some were off center. Doesn't look like a professional product to me.

Don't get me wrong, I love the iMac. I prefer an all in one computer, regardless of maker. My current Intel iMac is fantastic, and looks so much better than this "new" iMac. It just seems like a better appliance, and fits better into the family room or kitchen.

Apple is too concerned about catering to environmental wackos, who insist it be made of materials that are recyclable. Shame that Apple has decided to create something to appease, versus something that inspires.

Harry Reid Wrongly Attacking Rush Limbaugh

Thats right, the Senator Harry Reid has chosen to attack Rush Limbaugh. The charge is that Rush is calling the troops Phony. In the last few years I have listened to Rush he has only supported the troops. Know what? Reid has not been supporting the troops. BUT if you don't believe me, check out the Rush site.

I have been waiting for Rush to take an all out assault on these lying Dems, and looks like the planned attack on Rush could backfire. The Congressional Dems want Limbaugh removed from Armed Forces Radio (ala government censorship). But the backfire could be giving Rush a larger stage to rip the lying leadership in Congress a new poo poo.

All one needs to do is simply listen to Rush for a week, and you realize he is only speaking the truth, even when it goes against the Republican party. Refreshing!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Bionic Woman Premiere Stunk!

Right here I told you about the upcoming Bionic Woman series from NBC. I was looking forward to it. But to my dismay, it stunk! Obviously since Battlestar Galactica closed down, the reject actors and director has been given a chance to inflict harm on Bionic Woman. The camera work is all wrong. There are too many flash backs to things that are hazy and not a part of the original story line, as told from the beginning of the premiere. They are placing way too many hooks for future flashbacks and story lines in there. Just tell the story! They should have shown us from beginning to end how the Bionic Woman happened, not skip large parts of her rehab and experiences for SciFi flashy scene opportunities. It was way too over the top, and the story writers for the premiere must have been drunk, or absent on the last meeting to get the final story down. I like the main character, and she and the show had promise, but 2-3 more of these and the show will be cancelled. Just tell us a story, and ACT! Why does every scene have to have hidden meanings or secret plot loops? Blah!