Thursday, April 26, 2007

Intel Shows off V8 - 2 Quad Core Xeon Processors

Woa, the term V8 conjures up speed, fast, sporty, and aggression. I sure want to have a V8 in my rig. My truck has a V8 Hemi, so it is no wonder us geeks yearn for a V8 under the hood of our computer. My iMac could sure use a V8. Awesome! One day I am sure. For now we can gawk at the Intel creation that has 2 Quad Core Xeon processors on it, which adds up to 8 Cores. See for yourself some stats and the beast that a group of geeks put together with maxed memory to 4-Gig and a high end NVidia Graphics Card. itself!

Postage Rates to RISE May 14, 2007 to .41 cents

Postage rates will increase this May (May 14th 2007) from .39 cents for a standard letter to .41 cents. Still not a bad proposition to cheaply get a letter across the US in a few days. I am a bit more concerned about the other postage rates, which I was not able to locate information on.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Take on Imus

If you are like me, you must think the media sure runs many things into the ground. Now that the Imus attack machine has completed its task, and he has been fired, seems the media helped in that one, I want to drop my small take on it. Imus said a deranged comment about a female basketball team, calling them "Nappy Headed Hoes". I don't care much for that statement, Imus or basketball. I don't really think I have any side at heart or vested interests in the issue. But I do have one MAJOR question. Where did Imus hear this remark to repeat it? It surely is not a normal "white" comment about any female. I have my doubts that he just came up with this on his own. So where did he hear it? I have been white for most of my life, and have NEVER heard a white person utter this statement. BUT I have heard these words stated by "hip" or hollywood savvy blacks, the above words spoken separately (Nappy and Hoes), if not all together. So who really is to blame for this statement? Should a man lose his job for a mistake? Were the words he uttered so blasphemous to warrant this barrage of attack in the media and by special interest groups? Why are Rap "artists" given a free pass anyway? They started this crap 15 years ago when they broke away from REAL Artists with positive messages like Run DMC and the Fat Boys, Kurtis Blow, and Eric B & Rakim. Now these were modern day urban Heros! I know, I used to listen to them in High School. They gave such a positive universal message, unlike the potty mouthed garbage todays rappers puke.

Hear my Podcast in MP3.

Friday, April 13, 2007

2008 Dodge Dakota Revealed

All I can say is awesome! This is a fine looking update to the Dakota. I am surprised that the Dakota has taken on so many mods while the RAM itself has only had a few small changes. I like the taller hood and more prominent look. I am not much of a fan of the overly chiseled look, but this Dakota smoothes some of that out for us.

As far as models of vehicles go, to save money the companies should stock load each model with all options across the board. This would save time from changing assembly line production, and allow for consumers to get more for their money. Thus buying more new cars and trucks.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Art of LIFE!

This site was forwarded to me by a proud mother, and BOY does this lady actually have alot to be proud of. This is a genuine artistic site, one of which you really should check out. The most awesome part is that they paint urban landmarks with historical perspective. I hope to see the Gift Shop open soon for those of us who can not contract for building sized art. But I have been interested in getting a hand painted portrait of my wife and I. This could be the artistic team I need to contact. Maybe you too!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Maryland Tinkering with Electoral College Votes

Here in Maryland our state Senate is prepared to throw our votes away, and force our electoral votes to swing with the National Popular vote for President. They want to force our electoral votes to goto the President elect with a largest National Popular Vote. I say, what if MD voters didn't vote that way? They throw our votes out the window, disenfranchise a whole state of voters. I thought every vote counted? Not in Maryland they don't!

The move is sour grapes of Al Gore's loss to Bush in 2000. Gore lost. If he was that good of a candidate people would have supported him much more than they did and he would have won in a landslide. He didn't. To have Bush edge him out, under known Electoral College rules, enacted for over a hundred years, is something from a mental midget and crybaby. Other losers accepted the loss and moved on, but not Gore. He had to take it to court, and apparently while the Democrats are in power they see a chance to lean elections their way, due to the overwhelming popular vote that larger states pull, such as California and New York.

The Electoral College was enacted to give the smaller states a say, and keep from being railroaded in elections. If you think this is not important, then you don't know history. America went to war with itself, in the Civil War, over states rights. It will again if the larger populated states have more say than the more rural and sparse states.

I have no problem with Maryland insisting our votes must go to the one who wins popular vote in Maryland, but I am not going to allow my votes to goto a candidate California elects.