Monday, June 16, 2014

Star Trek Continues = FANTASTIC, Episode 3: FAIREST OF THEM ALL.

There are a few fan sites that have been doing original work that left off after the original Trek 5 year mission.  "Star Trek Continues" has been one of those endeavors.  This is their latest release, "FAIREST OF THEM ALL", and I must say it sets the standard for well done cinema in the original template format.  Just goes to prove that Paramount and CBS could place this show back on the air, with new people in the original Kirk, Spock and McCoy roles (which I said could be done when The Next Generation came out), and create a new volume of classic trek episodes for the fans. If they wanted to...  Kudos to the "Star Trek Continues" Crowd.  This latest release is the best I have seen, I dare say it even beats some of the original Trek classics.