Thursday, April 04, 2013

Welsh Remodeling Closed for Good - Out of Business - Good Bye!

Welsh Construction Remodeling, LLC
3901 E Monument St Baltimore, MD 21205‎
‪(410) 732-1360‬

Welsh Remodeling has reportedly gone out of business.  My wife and I dealt with them 5 + or more years back, and the experience was horrible.  The workers did a pretty good job, we had windows done, and siding.  Windows were great - great guys who did a great job, especially on my front window, took special time to do a great job.  Siding guys were lazy, and didn't want to put the porch lights back on, or my house numbers they knocked off.  They would hammer or hit them off the house with force, they said it was my problem - they just do siding.  NO you took them down, get your electrician up here to put them back on.  I ended up doing it myself.  Incompetent!  I had a whole list of issues, and their manager treated me with NO respect.  One of my requests was to have caulk applied to a power cable that went through the siding.  I asked several times, so the manager came a few weeks later and put a HUGE gob of caulk on the spot (3 inches thick).  Just to teach me a lesson.  Well what comes around goes around, sorry the good workers lost their jobs, but Welsh stunk and deserved to go under.  Many customers got work done, and think that it was good, but if you had an issue they didn't make it right, and didn't respect the customer.  It was just a matter of time.  No warranties will be honored now, so lets see over the long haul if they remain happy.  I filed a BBB complaint, but they did nothing, BBB basically worthless too!