Friday, August 24, 2012

Retina Display Troubles for Apple

Poor quality again for Apple.  Seems paying exuberant prices doesn't always give you the best.  Thats what happens when you think you know what is best, instead of using tried and true solutions.  Apple should start making all those little chinese kids who make their products, work toward better quality goods.  One of the best reasons to delay buying into cutting edge products.

When Apple launched the new Macbook Pro Retina Display (rMBP), it set a new bar for monitor resolutions. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to have set it quite high enough — an increasing group of customers are loudly unhappy with unacceptable image retention times and what’s described as burn-in. Those terms imply three different types of display problem. Ghosting is a motion blur effect that occurs when pixel response time isn’t high enough, while burn-in refers to permanent screen damage caused by the long-term display of a static image. Neither term accurately describes what’s happening here.