Saturday, June 21, 2008

Funny Stormtrooper - Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Just what do the Stormtroopers do when off duty? I knew you wanted to know that question. Here is the answer.... I was browsing through YouTube, and found a very funny video. I didn't know that Stormtroopers could dance. Wait a minute, now we all know for sure they can't.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Ultimate Warrior Giving away Treasured Wrestling Belt!

Yes, and yours truly entered the "contest" in Warrior style. I really enjoyed writing this one, brought back the thrill of seeing the big guy back in the 80's. Warrior will be returning to the ring June 25th, from Barcelona, Spain - and you can view the big event via the Internet. Sure to be interesting. Could we be seeing the return to action full time? We will just have to wait and see.
I posted: "When the blood of the non believers flows swiftly down the throats of those who would speak out against the triumphant return of the one true Warrior! Mountains will collide, seas will spill over into the cavernous voids where no men dare follow. There you will find the strap of eternal light. Held tightly in hands that no mortal could dislodge. That true believer will glimpse into the power which can only be freely given, to hurl planets across the galactic void. Power of Ultimate Warrior!"

See clips and weight training videos as he prepares for the return. Best wishes and good luck, UW!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Obama Campaign Treats Women Terribly at Rally

Rush unveiled an article at yesterday, the terrible treatment that American supporters of his campaign endure. Read this excerpt below from Rush Limbaugh's site.
RUSH: A fascinating story just cleared the wires at "Two Muslim women at Barack Obama's rally in Detroit Monday night," where Algore came out with that silly endorsement speech, "two Muslim women at Obama's rally in Detroit were barred from sitting behind the podium by campaign volunteers seeking to prevent the women's headscarves from appearing in photographs or on television with the candidate. The campaign has apologized to the women, both Obama supporters, who said they felt betrayed by their treatment at the rally." Bill Burton, Obama spokesman, said, "This is of course not the policy of the campaign." Of course not, Bill. No, it can't possibly be the policy of the campaign. You just have some renegade volunteers running around telling women wearing burqas, "Not on this shot, you're not going to be sitting behind us, babe." It's just a couple of freelancers running around doing this, eh, Bill? No, of course not. It's not the policy of the campaign. Burton then continued by saying, "It is offensive and counter to Obama's commitment to bring Americans together and simply not the kind of campaign we run."
It shows the hidden two faced agenda Barack Hussein Obama has up his sleeve. Shameful. Keep an eye out for me to come in the next few months. People may try, but they can not hide their true self for long, Sweetie.

President Bush wants to Drill for new Oil Reserves...

... But the Democrats in Congress are staunchly against it. Why? They say it will not serve as any short term solution. Ok so what, it is a long term aid. Drill, lets see what happens. Better than not doing anything! Read the President's Speech, and tell me what part doesn't make sense. I remember when I was younger, Americans used to expect more for each generation. Todays Congress expects us to do with less. Thats un-American at its core. Americans never did turn tail and say it can not be done, but our Congress only knows that one word. NO.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Al Gore - Uses MORE Energy than a Year ago!

This is actually hard to believe, but seems true. Al Gore, champion of smaller carbon footprints, has allowed his to grow from last year! He is using 10% more, while preaching everyone else should conserve.
In the past year, Gore’s home burned through 213,210 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity, enough to power 232 average American households for a month.
Amazing! While he urges us to save and reduce, his mansion burns away at unprecedented rates. Now I don't mind listening to those who believe that we should conserve, and I respect the efforts they take to meet their own goals. But when a 2 faced jack rabbit like Gore eats more power than most people on the planet use, while urging we cut back... Well I do not respect or listen to nonsense from fools. Only fools follow fools.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

John Coleman - Weather Channel Founder Speaks on Global Warming

This is a must read for everyone. John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel, spoke out publicly to the San Diego Chamber of Commerce recently . This is what he said which has been reposted on the KUSI website from San Diego! The facts are astounding, and I agree, Al Gore should be sued in a Court of Law.

Friday, June 13, 2008

FREE One Year NRA Membership!

The NRA has decided to give away a prize to active and inactive military personnel:
On behalf of the nearly four million members of the National Rifle Association of America, thank you for serving our country! We deeply appreciate your sacrifice, and would like to offer you a complimentary one-year membership in the NRA as a token of our gratitude and respect. Your membership will include all regular benefits of membership, including a subscription to your choice of our three flagship magazines.

Iraq Safer than Detroit!

From Ann Coulter, a brilliant observation:
According to a CNN report last week, for the entire month of May, there were only 19 troop deaths in Iraq. (Last year, five people on average were shot every day in Chicago.) With Iraqi deaths at an all-time low, Iraq is safer than Detroit -- although the Middle Eastern food is still better in Detroit.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another Idiot, NBC's Brian Wilson

Yes, Brian Wilson has proclaimed that America is broken. Yes another broken news anchor, he said this to Ohio State College Grads on Sunday. The implications are that this fool believes that America is fumbling and misguided. Well lets see, we are the last bastion of hope and freedom in the world, Socialism far outweighs Democracies per country, and the liberal media has yet to offer real news... instead they insist on editorializing their own one sided views to audiences who are sick and tired of being told what to think and do. NBC should be ashamed to have such a close minded liberal sponge regurgitate news and views to College Grads, who have already been indoctrinated in "Socialism works better than Democracy" group think. I am calling for the resignation of Brian Williams, he should be put to pasture.

Boring Apple iPhone Announcements

Apple unveiled a new 3G Apple iPhone, due out in July. It is faster, easier to program apps for, and many new games have come out. GREAT, whoop de do. I myself could care less. I don't plan on an iPhone in my future, $199 or not, and for Apple to clog up the Keynote with all and only iPhone apps, well, who cares? Ok ok, I know alot of you do. You LOVE the iPhone. I just don't care to do all my computing on a small hand held thing. I prefer a large screen and keyboard. What's next, Apple will ante up and sell us a super small HD display movie screen that we can carry on our ear or nose? I just don't want a miniaturized computing environment. Yeah, I own a cell phone, hardly have it turned on really. It is just for emergencies. Matter of fact, I was thinking of canning it. I would have rather seen an iPhone with a keychain on one end. Many other mini cell phone companies already have the features we want. I do not want ebay selling on a phone. eBay is dying out anyway in lieu of free sales sites. Ok iPhone has some cool features, but here is yet another company trying to sell us something we do not need. What a cool gee whiz toy or feature, but really, I do not care. Time to save some money for the new taxes liberals will be placing on us if Obama the Great wins the Presidency.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Green Gasoline Replacement - SwiftFuel

Robert X. Cringely tells us about an astonishing Gasoline replacement. SwiftFuel is made for Aviation from a new idea, a crop of Sorghum. China is moving to it to replace Ethanol. Robert hits on another great brain child even though I actually feel the Gasoline crisis is arbitrary and controlled by greedy politicians and past politicians who are making a mint on the so called Green movement. Anyhow, it would still be great to find an alternative to Gasoline, that can cohabit with it, so we can transition America to not just reduce our foreign oil dependency, but eliminate it. In the meantime, we should be drilling our current resources and using it, while we transition and develop this new source of fuel.