Monday, December 31, 2018

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

D'Souza addresses massive crowd at Marine Military Academy in Texas

Deep thoughtful historic insights.  I did well in history, but never really had a passion for it.  One question I always had, especially in High School, was when teachers would speak of Socialism as Utopia, I always rejected that idea.  If it was so great, why were Socialist countries such a mess, poor, basically did not lift up their people.  No Socialist country has ever been the land of opportunity like America.  This talk analyzes real history, and expresses the true differences between the 2 parties today.  In addition, it explains Obama's misuse of government authority, and the real way Trump came to be in power, and what created his ascent.  This is long, but a wow talk!  Great education here.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Trump speaks on illegal immigration, border security

What a Patriot, a President that is actually doing his legal obligation to protect the Nation.  Thank God for President Trump!  Pay attention to the information, the problems an open border poses, and the solutions.  If we can not build a wall, we will protect it with the Military.  Go for it brother Trump!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

"Are you calling all liberals ignorant? Dinesh D'Souza faces Tough quest...

In this video, Dinesh clearly explains just what the problem with Obama really was, why he was so terrible.  He provides clear examples on why.  I could never actually put my finger on all the details like this, but I always knew I didn't like his tactics.  Now I know why I felt the way I did, and also I know, I was 100% correct.

Free Healthcare And Education? Why Not Free Food Too?

Free Health care, like free education, is NOT free!  Why not give all of us FREE food?  Here is why!

Sunday, September 30, 2018

The Biggest Scam in America

   I always knew this, but never had the actual facts in hand.  Wow!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Who Is Karl Marx? - MARXISM Explained

So who is Karl Marx, and what is his philosophies?  I ask the question, why is he revered so, and why do todays STATISTS insist that he prescribes Utopia.  Watch for the truth in how terrible Marxism really is, and why Socialism is a failure.

Friday, July 13, 2018


Watch this FANTASTIC artistic animation, using Batman as a metal lead singer, with his band mates.  Wow, what effort this must have taken, creative, humorous, and fun!

Saturday, July 07, 2018

The Amazing Life of Ulysses S. Grant

Wow, never learned these details in school, some but not all.  What a real role model for us to admire!

Friday, June 29, 2018

President Trump Delivers Remarks Celebrating the Six Month Anniversary o...

Wow, what a great tax cut, I had no idea there were so many victories in one plan!  Thanks to Fake News, you would never hear of this. Cool Memorabilia Each Month!

Take a look at, a kool monthly offer of a few Pro Wrestling T Shirts, and a load of other things which are sent to you each month.  If you order before July 8th, you get the HEELS crate...

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Former CBS Reporter Exposes Media Lies, Internet Shills & Astroturfing - MUST SEE!!!

Good to know, and good to understand the reasons behind the false propaganda..  It is all money driven, greed!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Climate Change Hoax, with Professor Willie Soon at Camp Constitution...

Fascinating details, on why Global Climate Change is being worked, and could be a Hoax.  This is a presentation of almost 50 minutes.  Well worth watching, and will provide a basic understanding of real science, and why C02 is the building block of life, not an evil gas.

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Control the Words, Control the Culture

Great video on word smithing, and how the Liberal Left uses this to great affect.  One of the main  reasons I no longer watch Liberal fake news shows, or participate in Liberal Facebook.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

The truth about engine stop start systems | Auto Expert John Cadogan | A...

One of the most glaring examples of this carmaker agenda self-serving design is the auto engine shutdown and restart system.
You drive along. Stop at a red light. The engine automatically shuts down. Light goes green, you start lifting off the brake, and the engine kicks back into life, as if by magic. We’re talking about that.
Systems like Mazda’s iStop - and seemingly 100 other proprietary names for similar bullshit technology. I get questions about this all the time.
So here it is: The truth about bullshit auto engine shutdown and restart systems.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

ROH Bruno Sammartino Ceremony in 2006

The late Bruno Sammartino (October 6, 1935 – April 18, 2018), a pro wrestling innovator and legend, appears at ROH Glory By Honor: Night 2 in New York City on 9/16/06.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Don King: Trump “shocked the world”, exceeded expectations!

Don King spoke to Fox Business...

Don King, the most famous and successful boxing promoter, tells FOX Business that President Donald Trump “shocked the world” when he won the presidency and has exceeded expectations as the leader of the free world.
“No one has carried the type of lightening rod activities since the 13 colonies wrote a letter to King George saying they wanted to discharge so they can be eliminated and independent Americans,” King said.

A legend in the boxing world and a staunch supporter of Trump, King joined Trump on the campaign trail in 2016.
“The first thing that Donald Trump said that touched my heart and it should touch every American’s heart is, ‘We will create a whole new system. We will take this system apart. I want to make America great again and America first,’” he said.

King said Trump was elected to disrupt Washington and drain out the corruption that occurs in the political beltway.

"Everyone agrees that the system is corrupt, the GOP, the Dems, the Independents, the atheists, all agree that the system is corrupt. But only one man had the guts, the intestinal fortitude to challenge the system," he said during an interview on FOX Business’ “Making Money with Charles Payne.”

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Lincoln Continental Sales Way Down, Why? Let me tell you...

Great article at CarBuzz this week...
Sales have been disastrous for the revived Continental.

So just why is the legendary Lincoln Continental doing so poorly?  I know why.. UGLY!

Ok for one, SUV sales are up, car sales are down, thats an easy one.  People have decided, especially in the US, that if they need to spend an arm and a leg, it better do a lot, be all wheel drive with great ground clearance, carry a lot of people, and carry a lot of stuff.

Gas prices have allowed Americans to purchase what they really want, larger vehicles.  But hey, the Continental is big, right?  No it is not.  It has been streamlined and compressed down to near mid size levels.  Customers want luxury and comfort.

That goofy drive selector that is on the dash right next to the radio.  People do not like that crap.  It is silly, and far too easy to hit R when you really just want to change the radio station.  Stick to the old fashioned shifter.  This is killing more brands than this one.

Leather, where is the leather?  Ok seats have some, but the seats look funny.  They adjust 10 ways to Sunday, but don't exude performance, comfort, or luxury.  Heck put a large comfy couch into the thing.  A continental should not have little seats with little bolsters.

The starting price of the Continental is $45k.  Really?  Are you kidding?  For that price I can get me a BMW or some big SUV that I thought was too expensive until I saw this car.  So people opt for a few bucks more to get a big (or small) SUV.

Where are the headlights, it looks funny.  Oh and the lines of the body, it is one ugly car!  The front grille is anemic as well.

Why are the heat and AC vents above the radio?  The dash is also ugly.  I have to drive and look at this wacky design all day?  The controls are too low for older people, and young people will go get sport cars.  No thanks..

Also, the car has no real personality.  It blends in.  Looks like all the other 4 door cars on the road. Swoopy, and hard to distinguish from a distance.  Lincoln continental used to be a stand out unique design.  Also, Lincoln vehicles just look like Fords with a few different chrome parts or moldings.  No personality, not anymore.

What about performance, this is a V6 turbo charged engine.  Don't tell us the numbers and why oh why turbo is better than a V8.  Put a V8 into the thing.  Spend $45k and we get a V6 turbo?  Come on man!

I do like the 2 tone color steering wheel, but not for $45k.  At least it has a CD player.  But should not be an option, this means many will not have it.  Yeah, remember CDs are on their way out, but many of us have a large library of CDs and would like to use them.  This is a good addition, costs only $10 to have one!

But as far as the touch button start, I think people prefer a key.  At least the older target audience does.

Matter of fact, if you look at the brochure, many of the toys are options.  These should all be standard.  This is your flagship luxury car, why is the Climate Package an option?  Today people want a lot of tech, why is the Tech package an option?  Just what is standard anyway?  4 wheels and a horn?

So I like Ford, yes Lincoln is Ford, I would choose the Explorer, Camaro, Navigator, Sierra Truck, F150, or something else, over the Continental.  Many other people are too.  It is no surprise to me.

Monday, March 05, 2018

4000 lb Dragracing, 71 Impala vs 73 Caprice

This is wonderful, great fun.  A battle of 2 monsters from the past.  Not Godzilla vs Megalon, I mean something even bigger.  Land Yacht racing!

Friday, February 23, 2018

CNN Caught in Act as FAKE news Agency!

In the Florida school shooting last night, it has been revealed that CNN falsified questions, and wrote questions for the attendees.  Fake news yet again!  Thanks Colton for standing up and telling us the story.  You will now be targeted by Liberal nut jobs.  Stand tall!


Friday, February 09, 2018

Remembering Leonard Nimoy

Very nice documentary with Leonard's family, and some footage of Leonard in interviews.  Explains his hard time with COPD, even though he quit smoking 30 years.  Worth watching!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Fix Yourself - FIRST! Great advice...

Instead of being unhappy tat the world is broken, endeavor to fix yourself.  Here is why and how....