Friday, January 30, 2009

Proud to be Republican Again! My Plan!

Our Republican members of the House of Representatives did a brave thing yesterday! They opposed the PORK Bill that President Obama is trying to push through Congress. I didn't think they had the guts, but this spending Pork bill, even though it passed, did just that without any Republican votes! Awesome! Finally some reps who understand that this bill should have been debated, and the Congress is trying to hurry a Bill that is bad for America. This Bill will give money to Obama support groups and local organizers who supported Obama, not relief for all Americans.

Here is my PLAN. Get rid of all Taxes against the purchase of any new or used vehicle, car or truck, or SUV... across the board, and remove all Gasoline Taxes. Do both of these for 4 years. These two things alone will churn sales and new found money, and get America back to work and prosperous again. Also, slash Income Taxes by 1/3, and remove all regulations for drilling oil, coal, and natural gas for 2 years. It is that simple!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

American Government - Republic

This short clip is so well stated, and so clearly explained, I had to place it here online. I see many parallels in todays insistence to move forward with what the majority "wants", ignoring our established limits and laws that restrict government. I urge you to listen to this whole clip, and consider what you prefer, and what you really want from government. This is a truly educational clip that will provide you with real information and exacting details on transitions of power from one form of government to another.

Watch it here

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

President Obama Information on NEW White House Site

For specific information and news on Obama, you can look here at the Official White House site. More over, President Obama issued his 1st Proclamation upon entering office. Feel free to check out the President's economic, energy and environmental agendas.

Each Saturday the President plans to release a personal video message to America via this webpage.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Senate Cowards Buckle Under in 1 Day!

The Cowards in the US Senate have put their tails between their legs and whimpered. Yes, Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, who refused to step down after allegations he was selling Obama's Senate seat... Instead appointed Obama's replacement prior to being charged (and against wishes of Senate and Democrat leadership). The Senate said a day earlier that Roland Burris would not be seated and read the oath to join Congress. However, what a difference a day makes. In their usual style Congressional Democrat leadership buckled, gave up, and threw in the white flag. Again they prove there is no fight worth fighting, and no principle worth backing. Congrats to the Illinois Governor. This is not just a seating of the ONLY black man in Congress, but it is also an affirmation that the Governor does have the authority to appoint. Not only that, but I am sure his defense will rest in the fact that the Senate saw fit to recognize that no wrong doing was executed, and that he is innocent based on the fact that he did not go through with any illegal dealings, appointed Burris legally, and any allegations of Blago selling the seat is false or blown out of proportion. Brilliant man! He could say he was kidding. Or his comments were just a mere fact finding mission. He beat his own party and their own game. We need Conservatives with a brain for strategy, like this man has!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

What is the 2nd Amendment Really About?

Take a listen on this testimony about the 2nd Amendment. The legislators are stunned. See why Americans have a right to carry guns, and a right to self protection, and listen to what happens when both are denied. Powerful testimony!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

EU President says Global Warming is Myth!

Finally someone from what is normally the seat of Global Warming hysteria. Seems the new EU head believes like I do, that Global Warming caused by humans is ridiculous. President Klaus is being widely supported by his claims too. Interesting while the US spends trillions to prop up businesses that have suffered due to Global Warming policies.