Saturday, May 26, 2007

Memorial Day - What It Means!

Our Nation is in a War that is sometimes hard to comprehend, sometimes hard to fathom, sometimes hard to understand. We were attacked by a loose affiliation of terrorists, who used our free society against us. Now we fight in their land, taking it to them on our terms. Thats the way I prefer it, but sometimes we lose those most dear to us. I remember why you are there, I remember why you risk your life each day, and I remember why the terrorists must be taken out. I am very PROUD of each of you! On this Memorial Day, I honor those who have given their all, given their lives, and given their futures, so I can type this Blog, say my piece, and live free. What does Memorial Day mean to you?

See this YouTube video to see what it means to Lizzie Palmer.

Friday, May 18, 2007

This New Illegal Alien Amnesty BILL is Bad News!

Mark Levin had a terrific show surrounding the inane bill that the President and Congressional leaders are agreeing on. THIS BILL MUST NOT BECOME LAW. It is an amnesty bill for law breakers. Please listen to this Mark Levin show to hear much detail and in a style only Mark can provide.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Finally Scientists Are Making Sense - Global Warming Skeptics

A growing number of real scientists are becoming man-made Global Warming Skeptics. The actual scientists names and positions are shown and explained. This may be the first article I have seen with specific attributable information from actual named scientists.

See for yourself!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Congressional Approval BELOW Presidential Approval!

Well now, we seem to always hear that battle cry that the President's approval is down to 33%, or some other number forged to make you think Bush is incorrect in his national policies. We never hear about the approval rating of Congress, and I am just sure the media will NOT cover this one. But the Congress has an ultra low approval rating of 29%, lame! They are worse than the President, and they don't have anyone attempting to batter them down like the President does.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Skillpath Seminars - Great Deal!

Just completed a 2 day "Mastering Photoshop Seminar", and I have to tell you, it was fantastic! The location was Baltimore Maryland, at the St Paul Conference Center, with on site parking and a nice layer of security, marble entrance ways and nice people/greeters!

I have been using Photoshop since version 5.5, and CS3 was just released, some 4 versions and 6 or more years later. I am quite comfortable with Photoshop, but I found that there are always plenty of new things to learn. Among them, the under workings of Photoshop itself, how it applies filters (mathematically using curves), many shortcut keys, new uses for the Background Eraser, how to select using different color channels, and much more. The instructor, Todd Wolfe, was fantastic, funny, well spoken, clear and knowledgeable. Well worth the price of admission. Selecting colors using separate channels was enough for me. If you have an opportunity, I suggest you take one of their courses to see for yourself. There are opportunities to practice on a PC during the seminar.

Hilarious Apple Mac Ads

I am sure you have seen those very funny Apple computer ads on TV. This link gives you the chance to scroll through all of them, and boy are they funny! The latest one is a wheel of chance for an Upgrade to Vista.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Socialist TIME Magazine Omits President as Top 100 Influential

TIME Magazine has been called out my friends. With the constant punditry on how the President handles the IRAQ/Terrorist War, it is MIND NUMBING to even think that the President would be omitted from the TIME Magazine Top 100 Most Influential People. But it is true, the Socialist rag has proven to us that their colors do indeed run. Like Bush or hate him, the United States President is probably the TOP most influential person in the World, bar none. But TIME Magazine editorializes their opinion on how they think of your President, and the War on Terror, by omitting him. Don't think that they just excluded Politics all together. They Included Self Appointed Queen Pelosi, as well as Enviro-Religious Al Gore. It amazes me the short sighted vision that so called informed journalists have when it comes to the truth. I bet they all have College Edumacations. No wonder, TIME is partnered with CNN. CNN is probably the most one sided ilk of opinionated yap traps on television today.

Osama Bin Laden made the List, a freaking Terrorist who orchestrated mass murder. Believe me yet?

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

As a Windows user for some 15 years, one of the benefits of using windows was that there were well known keyboard shortcuts for just about any action or menu item. The shortcuts remained the same over many Windows versions. Mac OS X has this same feature set, a set of keyboard actions which allow you to release the mouse. For those Mac users, this list is simply essential and a must learn.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Chris Pirillo Gets A BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH in Vista!

Chris encountered a BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH in Windows Vista, which is supposedly now non existent, according to Microsoft. In his own way Chris takes you through the process of getting Vista back online, and WOW were there many steps! Also a few wacky laughs on the way. Consider this video podcast before you buy Vista. Hmmm.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

President Bush Vetos Political Pork Bill from Congress

It was bound to happen, as well as expected. Congress sent an Emergency Funding Bill for our troops, to the President, with billions in PORK, and strict deadlines for troop surrender, err withdrawal, expecting to see it vetoed. I sometimes listen to the President's speeches and you know what, he really is a very smart man. Take a listen to his latest speech, and see for yourself. If you dislike Bush, pretend he is your favorite President, and consider the content of his speeches. You can hear and see them at this Official White House Link.