Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Refreshing Political Views Right Down the Middle

A recent new friend, as well as a new subscriber to Weblinksnewsletter has a very cool site out on the Net. The site is more than 50% politically driven, but the author drives right down the middle of the road on issues. John prefers truth rather then rhetoric, and the URL to Rhetoric Buster illustrates his passion. If you want to read up on some straight truth, regardless of what side you lean, this website is the one for you! He does a great job of presenting links that offer truth, rather than political agenda based drivel. Most of you know I am more Conservative, but on many major issues I fall in the middle as well. I just hate excuses. Well, there is no excuse to miss this site. Since Election season is upon us, it is a perfect start to begin thinking of who you want to have representing you in DC.

Goto RhetoricBuster

Ubuntu Linux - Easy as PIE!

Ready to jump off the Microsoft train? Go Linux for a free alternative. You could buy a Mac, but if you lack the funds or confidence in the platform, you can use your existing hardware that Windows runs on, and "test drive" Ubuntu Linux. The download is large and takes a while, but you get a boot-able CD that won't destroy your Windows until you are ready to. If you are like me and many others, you just can't wait until the day you rid yourself of Windows problems forever.

Grab Ubuntu Here

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Global Warming Cause Some Glaciers to GROW!

So you think you know that Global Warming is only harming, oh and that SUVs cause the damage most? I have been straight in the past that I feel that the Sun presents cycles of change to this planet, and that Global Warming is a necessary cycle the growth of the planet thrives under. One study even suggests that Global Warming is causing some Glaciers to Grow! That means that Global Warming is a natural force, and is a mere cycle of living, not man made destruction!

Read for Yourself!

False Media Images on War

I love to pass this kind of stuff on to you, my readers. When this kind of false propaganda is so easily placed in front of us, while mass media magnets claim they are doing their service, I cringe! Take a look at this well documented video footage illustrating how Reuters and AP routinely falsify images which are meant to steer public opinion. It is unbelievable!

See the Video

Friday, August 25, 2006

Weird Al Parody - Don't Download This Song!

Weird Al is at his parody best once again! His promo website "Don't Download This Song" takes pot shots at the self appointed thought police who would throw kids in jail for collecting music in a private collection.

Wal-Mart NOT the Bad Guys!

Seems again in the good old People's Republic of Maryland, you don't have to have mass media on for long before Wal-Mart is attacked. If we take a closer look, we find that Wal-Mart is leading the Diversity Charge, and keeping prices at their lowest at the same time. I scratch my head at the positions that weak minded Liberals take against America's Success Story.
Read for yourself!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Future iMac Design?

Independent Illustrator and Artist Adam Benton created a look into a possible future for Apple iMacs. The images were posted to Real Tech news, and I must say, sign me up! I love it. I also wonder if it is possible today, even if very expensive.

Take a Look via Real Tech News