Saturday, April 29, 2006

Hungary Bans Bio Diesel

From the Lockergnome Newsletter! Seems that in Hungary, they have banned Bio Diesel, which is made from cooking oil. Possibly because there are no state taxes involved padded in the price!

Gabor Kovacs: In Hungary, we already have a law PROHIBITING biodiesel! Smart guys discovered about a year ago that common household corn oil (used for frying food) is as good as diesel oil - but costs about 10% less! This is because in diesel fuel, there are a lot of state taxes, higher VAT, etc. - while household cooking oil has a "normal" price. There is no difference, except only the smell (which is better than diesel). So, because the state lost a lot of revenue, a law was introduced prohibiting corn oil. The police started sniffing around diesel cars (literally). But, many people were interviewed at that time and 99% said that their car (any car) ran better on corn oil than diesel! Funny, isn't it? Instead of promoting it, the state prohibits biodiesel - otherwise they can't fill their pockets.

See the article here!