Wednesday, September 20, 2006

President Bush Addresses the UN

President Bush rolled into the UN and delivered a momentous speech. Had Bill Clinton delivered this speech he would be hailed as one of the greatest Presidents of our time. But since Bush is hated by the media, it will hardly be portrayed in that manner. Read the text (or listen to the audio), and note how Bush directs a challenge to all of the middle east, to choose peace or choose terrorism. He challenged the UN to do its job, and protect those who need it, and push for peace where they should. He also challenged those who have already put their lives on the line, to continue to work for freedom. A fine speech and one that deserves a nod from any Patriot. In a way, he has also challenged America, to put their money where their mouth is. 5 years ago, just after 9-11 we all wanted to get the bad guys and swore we would do anything necessary. Today we are weakening, not as united, and plain getting lazy. The long journey which we must take to rid the world of a direct threat to Democracy must be followed for many more years, many more Presidents to come.