Monday, May 07, 2007

Socialist TIME Magazine Omits President as Top 100 Influential

TIME Magazine has been called out my friends. With the constant punditry on how the President handles the IRAQ/Terrorist War, it is MIND NUMBING to even think that the President would be omitted from the TIME Magazine Top 100 Most Influential People. But it is true, the Socialist rag has proven to us that their colors do indeed run. Like Bush or hate him, the United States President is probably the TOP most influential person in the World, bar none. But TIME Magazine editorializes their opinion on how they think of your President, and the War on Terror, by omitting him. Don't think that they just excluded Politics all together. They Included Self Appointed Queen Pelosi, as well as Enviro-Religious Al Gore. It amazes me the short sighted vision that so called informed journalists have when it comes to the truth. I bet they all have College Edumacations. No wonder, TIME is partnered with CNN. CNN is probably the most one sided ilk of opinionated yap traps on television today.

Osama Bin Laden made the List, a freaking Terrorist who orchestrated mass murder. Believe me yet?