Thursday, March 06, 2008

Severn Maryland WalMart Opens - Well Received!

A new Super WalMart just opened here in Severn, Maryland on March 6th. Of course, we had to go visit for the Grand Opening! The store was simply amazing! We were greeted by a person handing us a MAP of the store!

It housed 4 acres of merchandise and food. The layout was simple, well thought out and easy to navigate. The store had a familiarity to it. Many of the other local WalMart stores in the area seemed to be setup in similar fashion. But this store added the Market on the left side. It beat just about any normal super market in square footage and product variety. Add to that the comparable prices, and you have a win-win situation. Of course, it was clean. I mean really clean. This store lacked the tile floor, but seemed to have a coated cement floor for the aisle ways. It gave the air of warehouse, but with a department store flare. It has a drive through pharmacy pickup, huge amount of shopping carts - 2 for everyone easily - fresh cooked chicken and meals section, every single register was open - more than 22 lanes - 4 different associates asked me if I needed help with something. Friendly people behind each section/counter/department, selection-selection-selection! Even though it was busy and "crowded" the aisles were so large it didn't seem like it, but the parking lot proved against that theory, almost the whole lot was packed save for a few end spots way out there. Not one grouchy person could be found who works there. Some of the help in the lunch meat department were slower than I would expect, but simply because they were new, I think. This WalMart has a Lube and Tire section for auto maintenance, a very large lawn & garden section, and a large selection of HDTVs and exercise equipment. I was not as impressed with the Toy section, which seemed smaller than I would have expected. But I did find a nicely priced Roddy Piper action figure. Cheaper than eBay right now. So they still score points. (Shown below)

All in all this store was a pleasure to shop in, and a huge success. Right off of Interstate Route 97 at the Quarterfield Exit, it is easy to get in and out with a dedicated stop light and direct access to Route 97. Looking forward to many years of service there, and have to give a large hand of approval to the transition team who closed down the Crain Highway store the night before. Wow!