Friday, December 31, 2010

Idiot Blogger from Washington Post

This is what happens when Idiots from the blogosphere enter TV. You get Ezra Klein. Absolutely incredible, he claims "the US Constitution has no binding power on anything". When liberal blowhards think like this nut job, might as well jump from the closest tall building or bridge. So called educated ass clowns like Ezra have absolutely no idea what they are saying, and it is even amazing that he dresses himself in the morning. Is this a stunt to get air play or blog hits? I sure hope so.

The US Constitution is simply the rule of law. Only the guidebook to a law abiding nation, but I guess none of that matters, and we can run around and do anything we want to regardless of something called principles or morals. Yes, toss all of it out, and watch these turds squirm when all hell breaks loose.