Saturday, September 21, 2013

iPhone IOS 7 versus IOS 6

Take a look at the side by side comparison.  I ask you, truly... which looks better?  I must say up front, I don't own an iPhone, but was looking for a deal.  I won't be getting an iPhone now.  I will not even consider it if I have to get IOS7.  IOS6 had nice 3D shadows, and 3D icons.  A great look and feel.  That is all gone for speed I guess, ala Windows 8.  Shame, of all the boneheaded things to do, NEVER follow behind Windows 8, and Microsoft's screw ups.  It just goes to show that Apple without Jobs is DOOMED!  Apple must be full of group think and a bunch of robots.  I give them 5 years before the iTower starts to crumble.
iPhone IOS 6 vs IOS 7