Friday, November 11, 2016

Trump/Pence: Making America GREAT Again! Thank you America!


America has spoken, and Liberalism and Socialism has been rejected, hands down.  Hillary Clinton an her extension of Obama's politics, has been flatly denied.  The left is out there crying, protesting (yes protesting a valid election, get a job would ya), and their lives are in utter chaos.  I can say that payback is something to marvel.  The Libs and Democrats have lost it all.  They lost the Presidency, the House, the Senate, and now will lose the capability to insert Liberal judges.  They lost many races for governorship, local legislatures in some 30 states.  Notice the message, this was an election based on idealism, and a rejection of the liberal media machine touting diversity in place of exceptionalism, hard work, and traditional values.  Make no mistake, now is not the time to cave, and reach across the isle.  Now President Trump must follow through on his campaign promises to stab liberalism at its heart.  The message is clear.  Liberalism and Socialism has been rejected, and we have placed at the helm someone who doesn't owe Washington DC a thing, but he does owe the American people, that is for sure.  Thank you America!