Friday, October 11, 2019

Apple's Arrogant Attitude Has Created Serious Problems With MacOS Catalina

Apple wants all of its developers to use 64-bit applications. In its view this is obviously a better solution, and to push that through Apple has removed all support for 32-bit applications in Catalina. That means that countless legacy applications and previous versions of popular apps will no longer work.
What warning do you get during the installation? A nondescript dialog that pops up to say your 32-applications will not work. And if you get all the way through the installation of the OS update and find out that your key applications are 32-bit and no longer run, well, you’re out of luck.

Read more at Forbes as written by Evan Spence  What a disappointing turn of events.  Why not allow legacy 32 bit apps to function?  Many people have invested big funds to support Apple systems.  iPad is the same way.  We have some apps on an older iPad that function fine, but I am unable to move them to the new iPad.  Why?  They are my apps, none of their business what I want to run.  Overpriced hardware with limited software.  Shame!  Apple is so consumed with $$$ they ignored the duty to provide support to its core base.  Not forever, but 2-3 versions, should have been easy for such a "fantastic" set of programmers.

See more here at Times.  Apparently Micorosft Office apps for Mac are all 32 bit!

Make sure you check, I did a check on my software, and was SHOCKED that some of my favorite apps were all 32 bit.  Some of my best productivity apps, and freebie tools are all 32 bit.  BIG LOSS for me.  Maybe time to go back to Windows after 10 years of doing the Mac thing..

How to check?  Open the About This Mac under the Apple logo, then run System Report, and choose Legacy Software on left side.