Friday, December 29, 2006

Photoshop CS3 Demo or Gimpshop

I had the recent opportunity to download the latest Photoshop CS3 Demo. Heard alot about it, mostly good, but unfortunately I can't go into any good news about the beta product. I could only use it for 2 days. Thus 3 days ago, I downloaded it, it said I would have 30 days to test it, and when I went to use it again today, it said my trial had expired. Mind you I never did a thing with the product, not one edit, or not one test. If this is some kind of joke or grand brilliant marketing scheme that the master minds at Adobe have come up with, I am not impressed. I don't really understand why I don't get the full 30 days if while I am installing it says I will get 30 days. It wants me to enter a CS2 code to get the 30 days of mere testing of CS3. I don't have CS2 and looks like I won't be buying CS3 either. For the HUGE cost they charge, you might think that they will want a prospective new user to have some more time to test it out. I use CS at work, but that doesn't even qualify. If you download the beta run in and thoroughly test in in 2 days. I will stick with GimpShop, a freeware Photoshop replacement that is cross platform, oh and did I say FREE!

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