Saturday, February 03, 2007

Differences Between Fully Automatic and Semi Automatic Weapons

This YouTube video clip is a fantastic instructional clip which attempts to define the differences between fully automatic and semi automatic weapons. The Media does a yearly attack on semi automatic weapons that look like military style weapons, to generate fear and cause mass histeria to push a wave of legislation against your ability to own simple weapons for personal lawful purposes.

Criminals will always have guns.

I have always said, that any device can be used to murder - such as guns, knives, rocks are not the issue. The criminals who use these weapons to murder and rob from law abiding citizens are the problems, and those individuals should be immediatly removed from society if they fail to assimilate peacefully. Your rights to do and own what you wish are in jeapoardy, even though you have not broken any laws. New laws should not be fabricated to penalize law abiding citizens. That would be shameful. However enforcing exisiting laws should be a major priority of everyone.