Friday, June 20, 2008

Ultimate Warrior Giving away Treasured Wrestling Belt!

Yes, and yours truly entered the "contest" in Warrior style. I really enjoyed writing this one, brought back the thrill of seeing the big guy back in the 80's. Warrior will be returning to the ring June 25th, from Barcelona, Spain - and you can view the big event via the Internet. Sure to be interesting. Could we be seeing the return to action full time? We will just have to wait and see.
I posted: "When the blood of the non believers flows swiftly down the throats of those who would speak out against the triumphant return of the one true Warrior! Mountains will collide, seas will spill over into the cavernous voids where no men dare follow. There you will find the strap of eternal light. Held tightly in hands that no mortal could dislodge. That true believer will glimpse into the power which can only be freely given, to hurl planets across the galactic void. Power of Ultimate Warrior!"

See clips and weight training videos as he prepares for the return. Best wishes and good luck, UW!