Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Apple Releases Security Updates for MacOS Mojave

In this Blog I gave a roasting to Apple for pushing an update out that removed the possibility of running 32 bit apps.  However, to my surprise, Apple just released an Update to the previous OS Mojve (with Safari too).  Take a look to see the details now act is patched.

Like me, if you were not ready to ditch your 32 bit apps yet, and you decided not to upgrade, all is not lost.  As long as Apple maintains a strong security posture, and releases patches to Mojave... I m forced to give them some points!  Though they didn't indicate they would release a patch and normally go full steam ahead, dropping support for older OS systems, I must assume that they had a small change of heart for Apple fans.  I applaud this continued support, and this will allow me time to update my key apps that are 32 bit. I intend to update at some point, but app developers are driving this one for me.

To install this update, run Software Update, and choose the OTHER options.  You will get a list and ability to check the patches you want installed.

Apple still needs to communicate a little better to its customers, on their plans and update strategies, but this is a start!