Saturday, November 25, 2023

Black Friday is DEAD Friday (Metal Leo) - Surprising in many ways. Not in others..

Timely video from METAL LEO on Youtube.  Black Friday, used to be the busiest shopping day in retail. But in this persons location, it was totally DEAD.  No business at all.  How can these businesses stay alive when they have to pay salaries, power bills, and the crazy high rental for the spaces?  The economy is a drizzle, things are very expensive, many people are losing their jobs, and the so called sale items have sale prices that look like normal prices to me.  Everything is over bloated and too high.  The feds are causing a complete meltdown, while they spend money like no tomorrow.  Perhaps there will not be a tomorrow at this rate.  People are re-evaluating wasted money on things they don't need to survive. Many others have decided to order online, to save time and allow them to not have to brave the old days of rude people, no parking, limited items, and fatique.  Wow!